Genius Cat Litter with Health Indicator

Revolutionize Your Cat's Health with Our Smart Litter Solution

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Product Summary

Genius Cat Litter with Health Indicator takes the guesswork out of pet ownership by incorporating health monitoring technology directly into the litter. This innovative product provides pet owners with real-time insight into their cat's health and well-being, helping to ensure a long and happy life for their furry friend.

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Additional Product Details

  • Revolutionary health monitoring cat litter
  • Indicator detects abnormal urine values
  • Super absorbent, non-clumping crystal sand
  • Quick and easy cleaning with no odor
  • Reformulated to be dust-free and hypoallergenic
  • Chemical and additive-free for safety
  • Ultra-clean for weeks of scooping
  • Trusted and designed by pet parents for pet parents
  • Keeps litter box area clean and inviting
  • Helps keep your cat or kitten healthy

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