Sisal Ball Cat Scratching Board

Provide Your Feline Friend with the Ultimate Scratching Experience

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4.78 out of 5 stars

107 reviews

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The Sisal Ball Cat Scratching Board is the perfect solution for cat owners looking for an environmentally friendly and durable scratching board for their furry friends. Made from natural sisal fibers, this scratching board is designed to satisfy cats' scratching instincts and prevent them from damaging furniture or carpets.

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Additional Product Details

  • Soft and Durable Sisal Material
  • Provides a Comfortable Scratching Surface
  • Helps Protect Furniture from Damage
  • Sturdy Design for Stability During Use
  • Multiple Scratching Angles for Variety
  • Compact Size for Easy Moving and Storage
  • Improves Claw Health and Promotes Exercise
  • Ideal for Cats of All Sizes and Ages
  • Attractive Design Fits Any Home Decor
  • Easy to Clean with a Vacuum or Brush

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