Vibrant Life Mini Crystal Unscented Cat Litter, 8 lb

Keep Your Cat's Litter Box Fresh and Odor-Free with Vibrant Life Mini Crystal Cat Litter

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4.82 out of 5 stars

29 reviews

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Give your feline companion a clean and odor-free space with Vibrant Life Mini Crystal Unscented Cat Litter. Made with a fast-absorbing and long-lasting formula, it is gentle on their paws while effectively locking in those unpleasant smells.

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Additional Product Details

  • Low dust formula for easy breathing
  • Crystal beads absorb moisture and odors
  • Lightweight and easy to scoop
  • Gentle on cats' paws
  • Lasts longer than traditional clay litters
  • Unscented for sensitive cats and owners
  • Ideal for multi-cat households
  • 8 lb bag lasts up to 4 weeks for one cat
  • Eco-friendly with less waste
  • Clumps form for easy removal

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